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Austria’s cream of the crop in the agency scene

The elements team

150+ digital heroes

60+ Developers

... develop stunning digital experiences every day.

50+ Marketers

… find the perfect marketing mix for your success.

15+ Creatives

… bring the customized design concepts to life.

25+ Consultants

… tackle the challenges of the digital transformation process with you.

From project managers to developers:

Talented, unique, friendly, and authentic

What’s there to say about a team that is unrivalled in the German-speaking realm? The elements-crew is at the center of the agency's work. In collaboration with our clients, more than 150 talented experts develop outstanding projects every day, which have repeatedly won international awards. Among the creative heads at elements are strategists, project managers, UX/UI specialists, frontend and backend developers, marketers, web performance optimizers, analysts, and DevOps engineers. In short: Our team rocks the digital transformation!

Leading the crew

Executive Board

"Digital blood runs through the veins of the executive team. After all, the management of elements has been living and breathing digital experiences since 2002! The visionaries of the executive board have been leading the agency towards reaching the top of the German-speaking digital world and inspire clients in 24 countries around the globe."

executive board

Roland Dessovic

"Every agency needs a helmsman steering the ship in daily business. CEO and founder Roland Dessovic has been fulfilling this role since 2002. He’s in charge of the company’s operational agendas."

executive board

Patrick Edelmayr

"Cost/benefit ratio, risk management, conversions, and more: As CEO and founder, Patrick Edelmayr keeps an eye on all business management matters. In addition, his doors are always open for clients and employees for whom he acts as a coach and sparring partner."

executive board

Dietmar Rietsch

"If you are interested in the trends of tomorrow, Dietmar Rietsch is the right person to talk to. He is known for his keen awareness of current trends, his daredevil nature, and his crazy ideas. No wonder that product and business development are his responsibilities. The more insane and extraordinary the project, the greater his enthusiasm for it."