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Online shoe shopping experience


Innovative webshop: excellent UX and CRO optimizations

Gabor’s growth strategy

The collaboration between Gabor and elements has been all about growth since the beginning. What began with the development of an innovative e-commerce network based on the marketplace principle resulted in a sophisticated UX and comprehensive conversion rate optimizations (CRO). A successful strategy that saw Gabor making waves in multiple countries in 2023.

 When it came to selecting a cutting-edge, future-proof system for the Gabor online store, Pimcore was the natural choice. Why? The key reason behind this decision lies in Pimcore’s framework approach, providing unparalleled flexibility in crafting both the user interface and the underlying processes. This distinctive feature sets Pimcore apart from traditional off-the-shelf e-commerce systems.



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Advancements across the board

Gabor has fully embraced the Pimcore framework and has been using the Enterprise Edition since 2021. The integration of PIM, DAM, DXP, and the e-commerce framework results in a seamlessly interconnected, high-performance system. In 2022, Gabor successfully migrated the entire Pimcore stack to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, optimizing scalability to ensure an impeccable user experience, especially during peak e-commerce periods like Black Friday. This strategic move mitigates any speed issues caused by high server loads.

Thorsten Bäre, head of the e-commerce department at Gabor, is very impressed with the system:

“Pimcore proves to be the optimal framework for us, excelling in performance, flexibility, and functionality. In elements, we’ve found the perfect partner to bring our vision to life. We need high-quality digital solutions tailored to our unique requirements, and the elements team consistently delivers them.”

Targeted conversion rate optimizations

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a crucial element in achieving an optimal user experience (UX). Gabor receives active support in this realm from a dedicated CRO team at elements – a Pimcore Strategic Partner from the very beginning.

Employing A/B tests, the team identifies opportunities for improvement and consistently optimizes conversion-relevant areas, including product detail pages and the checkout process. Leveraging the flexibility of the Pimcore framework, adjustments to category and product detail pages, as well as the entire website, can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

A few impressive facts
  • A notable 16 % surge in filter usage on the category page was achieved by prominently displaying the most popular filters “above the fold”.

  • Subcategories experienced a substantial 49 % increase in clicks, credited to their enhanced visibility on the category page.

  • The introduction of a sticky button for filtering and sorting on the category page resulted in a significant increase in transactions.

  • Displaying the shoe price in a sticky element next to the “Add to cart” button led to a 5 % increase in “Add to cart” clicks.

  • The integration of an urgency element (limited availability) in the shopping cart spurred a remarkable 19 % increase in “Go to checkout” clicks, successfully instilling a sense of urgency among users.

  • The strategic communication of selected value propositions in the website header yielded a substantial increase in transactions.

The figures speak for themselves

Through consistent enhancements to the online store’s UX and a carefully crafted content strategy, Gabor has achieved consistent growth, even amid a challenging economic environment. 
The well-thought-out concept resulted in several notable developments in 2022/23.

Noteworthy developments in 2023

  • expansion of the online store’s customer base to include customers from Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Austria
  • expansion of the platform strategy to various marketplaces
  • integration of the entire Pimcore stack into the AWS cloud
  • redesign of the UX for e-commerce based on the findings from the CRO analysis

A fruitful collaboration between Gabor and elements

The collaboration between Gabor and elements and the fruits of their labor have garnered external acclaim. In 2023, the Gabor project received the iab webAD Silver Award in the “Best Website, App & E-Commerce” category – an esteemed accolade within the Austrian digital economy.
The optimal performance of the Gabor online store also caught the attention of Computer Bild, earning it a spot on the Trend Shops 2024 list.

Important steps planned for the future:

  • continuous further optimization of the webshop’s e-commerce performance through A/B testing

  • ongoing, in-depth SEO support

  • data-driven improvements to the user experience

  • continuation of the expansion of the platform strategy to other marketplaces

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